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Academic seminars / tutorial / invited talks

  1. INNS Big Data and Deep Learning Conference (Sestri Levante, 2019): Deep randomized neural networks (joint tutorial with Claudio Gallicchio).
  2. University of Siena (Siena, 2019): Designing non-parametric activation functions: recent advances.
  3. University of Exeter (Exeter, 2018): Compressing deep neural networks: Challenges and theoretical foundations.
  4. Roma Tre University (Rome, 2017): Learning over networks with non-convex cost functions.

Miscellaneous (mostly in Italian)

  1. PValue Meetup Pavia (2020): An introduction to neural networks for graphs (includes a small codelab).
  2. AI Day Rome (2019): TensorFlow 2.0 and its ecosystem (includes a 1-hour codelab).
  3. Data Science Seed Meetup (Genoa, 2019)In Codice Ratio: Mining the Vatican Secret Archives.
  4. Luiss EnLabs AI Worklab 2.0 (2019): State-of-the-art in deep learning frameworks.
  5. Codemotion Milan (2018): Bring your neural networks to the browser with TF.js! An updated version to TF.js 1.0 is also available.
  6. Converge Conference (Milan, 2018): Il “lato oscuro” del deep learning. Rifatto alla DevFest 2018 del GDG Milano.
  7. Facebook Dev Circle Rome (Opening Meetup): Dalle reti neurali ai computer differenziabili.
  8. Codemotion Milan (2017): The dark side of deep learning (notebooks coming soon!).
  9. Rome Machine Learning & Data Science Meetup: Quando le reti neurali inventano [demo available on the GitHub repository].
  10. Global AI Hackaton Rome: Technical workshop (in preparation to the challenges).
  11. Codemotion Rome (2017): From a Developer’s POV: is Machine Learning Reshaping the World? [contact me for the original Jupyter notebook]. A similar talk was repeated as a webinar for the Italy Big Data & Machine Learning Meetup, for which you can also find the audio recording (from the minute 38:00 approximately).
  12. Data Driven Innovation Open Summit (2017): Il deep learning ed una nuova generazione di AI.
  13. Google DevFest 2016 (& Linux Day): A practical introduction to machine learning with sklearn. Il codice Python per gli esercizi è disponibile qui.
  14. Data Driven Innovation Open Summit (2016): Big Data e Deep Learning. Disponibile anche una versione precedente presentata alla Google DevFest Roma 2015.
  15. Apprendimento supervisionato distribuito con reti neurali (presentazione conclusiva dottorato di ricerca).
  16. L’Apprendimento Automatico per la Rappresentazione della Conoscenza (Il Deep Learning e la nuova generazione di reti neurali), presentata alla scuola di formazione e ricerca SEFIR 2015.
  17. Sinergie Uomo-Macchina nel Processo Creativo (presentata al Campus Bio-Medico, ed in precedenza alla scuola di formazione e ricerca SEFIR 2014).
  18. GDG Meets U (L’Aquila)Smart Applications for ever-smarter Phones.
  19. Google DevFest Central Italy 2013: Automobili Intelligenti, Toyota e Università presentano il Machine Learning in Automotive (disponibile anche il video della presentazione).
  20. Visioni a Confronto (Google c/o Mercedes): Machine Learning & Prediction.
  21. Google Cloud Dev Conference 2013Google Prediction API (disponibili slide e video della conferenza).
  22. Codemotion 2012: How to Make Smarter Programs: a Gentle Introduction to Machine Learning (disponibile anche il video della presentazione).

International Conferences

  1. 2019 INNS Big Data and Deep Learning ConferenceMultikernel activation functions: formulation and a case study.
  1. Seventh Italian Workshop on Machine Learning and Data Mining: From deep to minimalistic neural networks.
  2. 2018 IEEE International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal ProcessingRecurrent Neural Networks with Flexible Gates using Kernel Activation Functions.
  3. 26th European Signal Processing ConferenceImproving Graph Convolutional Networks with Non-Parametric Activation Functions (poster).
  1. Sixth Italian Workshop on Machine Learning and Data MiningKernel-based non-parametric activation functions for neural networks.
  2. 2017 IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural Networks: On the Use of Deep Recurrent Neural Networks for Detecting Audio Spoofing Attacks.
  1. 5th Italian Workshop on Machine Learning and Data MiningLearning over Networks with Non-convex Cost Functions.
  2. 2016 IEEE International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal ProcessingParallel and Distributed Training of Neural Networks via Successive Convex Approximation.
  3. 24th European Signal Processing ConferenceDiffusion Spline Adaptive Filtering.
  1. 25th Italian Workshop on Neural NetworksBenchmarking Functional Link Expansions for Audio Classification Tasks and A Comparison of Consensus Strategies for Distributed Learning of Random Vector Functional-Link Networks.
  1. 24th Italian Workshop on Neural NetworksSignificance-Based Pruning for Reservoir’s Connections in Echo State Networks.
  2. 2014 IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural NetworksAn Effective Criterion for Pruning Reservoir’s Connections in Echo State Networks.
  3. 2014 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary ComputationGP-Based Kernel Evolution for L2-Regularization Networks.
  1. 134th Audio Engineering Society ConventionUser-Driven Quality Enhancement for Audio Signal Processing.
  2. 23rd Italian Workshop on Neural NetworksA Preliminary Study on Transductive Extreme Learning Machines.
  3. 36th International Conference on Telecommunications and Signal ProcessingInteractive Quality Enhancement for Acoustic Echo Cancellation.
  1. 22nd Italian Workshop on Neural Networks 2012: PM10 Forecasting using Kernel Adaptive Filtering: an Italian Case Study.