New presentations uploaded: artificial creativity, Android, WIRN 2015

I have uploaded 4 presentations that I held over the last year:

  1. An italian presentation on the idea of computational creativity, which I held twice last year at different venues. The presentation is quite heavy due to multiple videos, and it can downloaded from my public Dropbox folder. If you are interested in the topic, the presentation inspired me to write the (italian) Wikipedia article on the subject.
  2. An updated version of a seminar on media processing for Android platforms, always in Italian. It is intended as a broad sweep of the subject, and it also includes a very brief primer on object-oriented programming.
  3. Two presentations that I held at the last Italian workshop on neural networksBenchmarking Functional Link Expansions for Audio Classification Tasks and A Comparison of Consensus Strategies for Distributed Learning of Random Vector Functional-Link Networks. They are both experimental works, on two different subjects, i.e. audio classification and distributed learning.

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