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Bio Sketch

I took my B.Sc. in Computer Engineering at Roma Tre university in 2009, and a M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in La Sapienza two years later. After working one year as a software/web developer, I obtained my PhD in La Sapienza in 2016, researching mainly in the fields of distributed machine learning and adaptive audio processing. I am now an assistant professor at Sapienza, where I was previously a post-doctoral fellow. During my studies, I visited Tohoku University in Sendai for a summer school in Robotics, and La Trobe University in Melbourne as a visiting PhD student.

I have also a strong interest in promoting machine learning in Italy. Among other things, I am a co-founder and chairman of the Italian Association for Machine Learning, co-organizer of the Rome Machine Learning and Data Science Meetup, and a current Google Developer Expert for Machine Learning.

Other Experience

Italian Association for Machine Learning (2017-Present)
Co-founder and chairman

Research/Teaching Experience

logosap_small Sapienza University (Feb. 2019-present)
Assistant Professor
20131121183647!Logo_Università_di_Perugia Perugia University (March 2017-June 2017)
Teacher for the course “Data Mining and Machine Learning”, held inside the Master in Data Science.
logosap_small Sapienza University (Jul. 2016-Jan. 2018)
Postdoctoral Fellow
Research on parallel and distributed algorithms for neural networks, distributed semi-supervised strategies, and possible applications.
University of Stirling (2015-2018)
CogBID Lab Honorary Research Fellow
Research on asynchronous strategies for distributed learning, under the supervision of Prof. Amir Hussain.
ltu La Trobe University (2014-2015)
Honorary Visitor (PhD)
Development of novel distributed learning algorithm for Random Vector Functional-Link Networks, under the supervision of Prof. Dianhui Wang.
logosap_small La Sapienza (2012-2016)
Ph.D. in Information and Communications Technologies
Main topics are distributed machine learning, evolutionary methods, and adaptive audio processing. The main supervisor is Prof. Aurelio Uncini.


logosap_small La Sapienza (2009-2011)
Master in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (magna cum laude)
Main topics were control, planning and stabilization of robotics platforms; machine learning and computational intelligence; semantic reasoning; computer vision and perception. Won a prize as Excellent Graduate from the Fondazione NoiSapienza.
2793316 Tohoku University (2010)
Engineering Summer School 2010 – Robotics
Two weeks of lectures from renowned professors of Tohoku University on robotic topics. The program ended with a project on omnidirectional wheeled robots using Lego Mindstorm and NXC, by a brief presentation.
235ff55 Roma Tre University (2006-2009)
Bachelor in Computer Engineering (magna cum laude)
Main topics were design and implementation of OOP software, functional programming, principles of telecommunications and signal processing, linear control, operating systems, computer networks.

Work Experience

logosap_small La Sapienza (2013-2014)
Occasional Collaborator
Development of software modules for the classification of audio data in an outdoor, unstructured scenario. The work took place in the context of the “Smartoptigrid” project between La Sapienza and Intecs S.p.A., funded by the Italian Ministry of Defence.
059c694 5 Emme Informatica S.p.A. (2011-2012)
Software Developer
I was involved in various aspects (analysis, development and testing) of four main projects, including (i) a tablet application for tracking RFID-enabled medical sponges for reducing risks and costs of accidental retention inside the body of a patient; (ii) a SLA management system for a medium-size (40 thousand active users) mail system delivered by Fastweb.